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please  make more 🥺🥺🥺🥺


I'm a little confused, is this game canceled? I really enjoyed it so far :), even though the English is a bit confusing.

Ooh:D.. I did some digging in the details of the Vis Novels i have successfully played. They are labled '.apk'. May i have a chance at your visual novel too:D

I performed an OS update. your novel still wont load. Would redownloading (post-update) make any difference ya think?

Hi. I find your premise entreaging. Im going to check this out:]


I believe in you @gun_san12 and i will continue supporting your works, and that your future project works well.

I really think you should continue and that you worked hard in learning and building a visual novel, and i like how you are expressing homosexuality and how you handle unique scenes of love interests.

Android joiplay

2.extract rar

3.In joiplay, select credits. html


So....why the Android Ver. is a RAR file.....



Deleted post

Its not letting me get it on andriod it says cant open file


Wah ternyata game buatan orang indo, jarang nemu sih soalnya game buatan negara sendiri :'v semangat ya 👍 hmm melihat komentar sih kalo mau bisa ku bantu buat benerin bahasa Inggrisnya :3/

Deleted 2 years ago

jir jarang jarang org indo bikin furry vn

Sejauh ini baru tau 'after class' sama game ini, mau bikin sayang ga bisa gambar, mau commision orang belum ada budget ;'v

lah after class juga? kyknya nggak deh soalnya nama pembuatnya gk kyk indo

Lah ga percaya, gw udah join discord nya & tanya². dia orang indo tapi bukan pribumi

ikut patreon lu?


Yo Gun! O know that both versions aren't working properly and all but since I've Seen a comment about broken English

As an English Enthusiast and Running selected English Speaker of my school, I wouldn't mind helping you with the script from time to time ^^

Albeit, I'm not really into NSFW, Ill be willing t help a friend ^^

(even in writing smut XD)

The story is intriguing, but the broken English is painful like nails on a chalkboard.  I am sure this will be fixed with time.  I look forward to more.


thanks, I will try ^^

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I realy like the game but could'nt u just make apk files istead of rar that would make it a lot easier to download

i like the game maybe a bit laggy for when you are trying to skip but other than that is a good game

can i help you with translations?

i want to help improve the english contexts, and add spanish verses for your story!

Who are you?

hey @gun_san12, i am new here and i really want to contribute to my favorite furry visual novels.

I enjoyed your story and I want to give strong constructive criticisms in improving the English texts, and you can find me as a Twitch/ twitter/ youtube and other social media, you can find me on twitter as TJ9304, 
and Twitch is

I am a mobile game player and i stream mobile games and i picked a few visual novels that i am very fond as a game developer and game programmer.
may i send feedback here in these replies?



After decompressing the file.. How do I install the game?

Deleted 2 years ago

anda bisa buat game?

Deleted 2 years ago

Gimana maennya bro di android

I don't have a cellphone -_-

I just asking

ini fiksi gembel!!!!!!!!!!!!


Please.... tell me how to install the Android version.... 😭😭

windows comeback u can download now


❕❕❕Rip Pc💦💦💦🤦🏽‍♂️

rip window ;-;

WinRar says that the header is broken and some files are missing.


Zip file for android ;-;


Even tho I cannot play the game from Android I've seen the files and every character looks so cool !


Hello buddy. The Android version doesn't work. Please, fix it or tell us how we install it

Deleted 2 years ago

༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽

don't be sad i will post my game quickly, just calm down ^^


Dont  worry just chill keep up the work 👍



I cant extract the file for android version

Download rar from Google play store ! And you can extract it from there !

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I extracted it but I have no idea how to install it

yeah that's it I have no idea what else to do 😂 

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Might try renaming the file from a .rar to a .apk? Might give you an install prompt after running the .apk in the RAR app. Seems to work for me on most games, though I haven't downloaded and tested it with this one specifically.

I tried it actually that was the first thing I did when I saw that it was zip file ;p but sadly it doesn't do anything


Would there be mac version soon? Just asking thank you


Very good game! It's good that you made the Android version, but... why .rar ?

Does it even work for you? For me it certainly doesn't.


Nice game, seriously, I hope you will continue, in my opinion something nice could come out!

It look very good but how can I install the android version?

oh sorry i don't know^^

Hope to have android version soon.



They may end up having to covert the android version on the pc then transfer it to the android through usb into the downloads folder.


I really like the game!

thank you^^


This be a nice VN so far~

thank you^^


i liked the game nwn

thank you^^


Their is no android version

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